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L'Institut National de l'Histoire de l'art allowed the adjustment of LdapSaisie full support for LDAP directories built by following the recommendations SUPANN of higher education. LdapSaisie is used for managing the LDAP Institute, a pillar of the organization's informations system.

L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales contributed to the consolidation of the research system in order to optimize. This enabled the compatibility directory containing thousands of items.

Also for school needs, including integration into its digital work environment (french schools's informations system single access point), the authentication system have been redesigned to enable compatibility with Single Sign On systems and especially CAS. LdapSaisie is used to manage their various directories.

The Libre-entreprise network, which includes human-sized companies with similar or complementary specialties in the field of OSS, was the first structure to adopt and evolve LdapSaisie for its needs. This contribution enabled support for multi-level directories. LdapSaisie, with its fine management of access rights, is used for multi-users access and management of their LDAP directory.


Easter-Eggs, a service company specialized in Free Software, has initiated this project. Easter-eggs can provide assistance in the integration of LdapSaisie or more broadly a study of your needs to assist you in designing and implementing a solution. More informations about Easter-Eggs